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November 2015 Archives

New York construction accident claims life of 56-year-old worker

Losing a loved one in an on-the-job accident is a traumatizing experience, and adjusting to life if that loved one was the primary bread winner of a family typically presents many stumbling blocks. It is hard to understand why some company owners have no regard for the safety of their workers. A family in a neighboring state has to cope with such a loss after a construction accident in New York that claimed the life of their loved one.

Occupational disease: Excessive noise can cause hearing loss

New York workers who are exposed to high levels of noise in their places of work may be shocked to learn that almost 125,000 workers nationwide have to cope with permanent hearing loss that is work-related. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and is based on statistics recorded since 2004. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says although this occupational disease is preventable, it continues to cause significant concern.

Construction accident: Building collapse kills 1, injures another

In the aftermath of a massive building collapse in New York on a recent Friday morning, firefighters, EMT's and police put their lives on the line to save a worker's life. The lives of nineteen workers were brought into jeopardy in a construction accident when the eight-story building they were demolishing collapsed. Officials reported that the collapse happened in a V-shape and brought down the bottom five stories.

Workplace accidents: Landscaper cited after worker's death

Company owners in New York are bound by federal law to provide workers with safe workplace environments that are free of known hazards. Unfortunately, some employers continue to violate safety regulations and put their employees in harm's way. One of the often-neglected responsibilities of employers is the proper maintenance of equipment to avoid workplace accidents.

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